Hi, I'm Monica

A Visual Artist and Educator

The big city hustle.
Lights, sounds, smells. The energy.
You might see chaos.
I see rhythms.
Nature in all her glorious colors and forms.
These are the things that bring me to my studio space. The duality of nature and the city. The push and pull of chaos and control. Capturing moments in time, taking me back to a feeling, a sound, a smell.
Color is my language.
My students brought me here.  I found my first art teaching job at a special needs school in NYC. My students had emotional or physical needs that could not be met in the mainstream classroom. It was a tough first year, but when my students made connections through the arts, I knew this is where I had to be.
The arts became our language.
For the next decade I worked to develop my students’ talents and skills. Showing them they could do things others told them they could not. My students competed at the highest levels and their art was displayed at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).
Art became their language. A vehicle for expressing themselves when often the traditional avenues weren’t available to them.
It took seeing my students’ achievements to truly forge my own path. I, like them, needed to continue to create my own work. To find and create my own language. Their courage led me to take the important leap from teacher to artist.


Monica, a native New Yorker, has journeyed from her bustling hometown to the heart of DC, with stays in the Midwest and Puerto Rico. Holding degrees in Visual Arts Education and Teaching Students with Disabilities, she gracefully blends roles as an artist and educator. In her multifaceted life as an artist, educator, and mother, Monica draws inspiration from her surroundings and the experience of navigating new motherhood during the pandemic. Using color, she captures the intangible: emotions and cherished memories defying verbal expression. Guided by the maternal artists past and present, Monica advocates women's creative prowess within the home and the wider world. Her artistic journey signifies the evolving tapestry of life and transformative essence of motherhood. You can usually find her throughout the city with her sidekick dog, Marilyn. Drop a line anytime to say hello or visit her on Instagram